Thursday, May 8, 2008

DC Madam Ops Out - Chooses Suicide Over Prison

The so-called DC Madam, Deborah Palfrey, made the choice this last week to opt out by choosing suicide rather than face the prospect of prison time.

There has been a considerable amount of blog activity by conspiracy theorists saying that her suicide notes were in fact forgeries. They speculate that Mrs. Palfrey was murdered in order to keep her from identifying key high government officials or Washington D.C. insiders in power positions.

I don’t claim to be a forensic handwriting examiner, but I have devoted the last 30 years of my life to handwriting analysis and was instrumental in the discovery the first significant advancement to the science in the last 150 years. I believe Mrs. Palfrey wrote the suicide notes herself. I concluded this after carefully examining and analyzing three additional samples that she wrote several years ago. The content of these notes match the suicide notes.

My company’s (Written Inc.) product, Candidate Insight, analyzes handwriting primarily for businesses. Our reports help screen out the bad apples and identify the super-stars with a 95% accuracy rate. We use a 4-step approach involving real people like me and a sophisticated software program with complex algorithms and artificial intelligence. The result is an easy-to-read one-page personality profile that describes the person and uncovers hidden traits.

From my experience, the notes would have been nearly impossible to forge. The methodology that most handwriting analysts embrace is a one-to-one ratio; That is, if you cross a “t” a certain way it means “x” or dot an “I” and it means “xx”, etc. Our software system goes farther by taking a certain set of criteria and creating , in some instances, an entirely new solution. In essence, that’s the magic of what we do.

Ms. Palfrey’s handwriting was very consistent and didn’t have any of the usual elements of a forgery; differences in pressure and changes in the style or the slant . My own theory is that the personality of the forger will eventually shine through and be incorporated into the document being copied.

Please see Ms. Palfrey’s Candidate Insight report below. We identified her as someone with erratic mood changes, anxious, stressed and preoccupied with death, dying and suicide.

I don’t believe there was a conspiracy or a forgery. I think she was in a quandary like the thief who tried to sell stolen property and was cheated by her “fence”. To whom can you complain? She was involved in illegal acts that exploited women and tried to pass it off as the “consenting adults” scenario. Heidi Fleiss had the same argument but the courts convicted her too. The difference; she opted to do her time.

Shari Vener
Written Inc. Founder

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Breakthrough in Handwriting Analysis Leads to Revolutionary Hiring Tool

TEMECULA, Calif., March 19 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Written Inc. has developed a breakthrough technology which has led to the first significant improvement to the 150-year-old science of handwriting analysis. This week, the company released the latest version of their personality assessment tool, Candidate Insight(TM).

Written IncThe enhancements made to this new version will help clients to virtually eliminate hiring mistakes. And, as the economy continues to slow and revenues shrink, more than ever, companies cannot afford costly hiring mistakes. One bad apple can ruin the culture, drive the good people out and seriously impact the bottom line.

As a result, more and more companies are seeking innovative solutions to improve their candidate selection process. Interviews, resumes, background checks and traditional personality tests fall short when it comes to revealing the candidate's true personality.

That's where Candidate Insight comes in. The solution reveals hundreds of hidden personality traits, most of which have never been available to employers prior to hiring.

"Imagine the benefit of knowing, with ninety-five percent accuracy, that the candidate a client is about to make an offer to is argumentative, dishonest, moody and inflexible?" Ryan Vener, Written Inc.'s vice president, queried. "We can even tell clients if the candidate is violent. No other hiring tool or other personality assessment even comes close to our accuracy and insight."

In their research, Written Inc. discovered that traditional handwriting analysis was too simplistic when examining the relationship between characteristics and traits. The one-to-one relationship that's often used - for example crossing a "t" this way means "x" - resulted in ambiguous and inaccurate results. Written Inc. found that a person's handwriting, or as they refer to it - "written body language" - is far more complex and requires technology to get it right.

This newest version of Candidate Insight incorporates artificial intelligence and a sophisticated relational database that keeps track of these complex relationships.

Candidate Insight is fast and easy to administer. Job applicants are simply asked to copy two short paragraphs onto a form that is then faxed to Written, Inc. The company's handwriting specialists analyze the samples with the aid of a software application. The reports are then uploaded as a PDF file to a secure web site where clients can access them directly.

Business consultant and sales training guru, Patrick Cahill of MAC Venture Group in New York City, advises all of his clients to use Candidate Insight.

"After reviewing the numbers, we found that eighty-seven percent of our clients had made a serious hiring mistake in the last two years," Cahill explained. "We estimated the average cost to each client to be upwards of $300,000. By adding this simple and inexpensive tool to their hiring process, they've virtually eliminated these hiring mistakes."

To learn more about this revolutionary hiring tool, Candidate Insight, visit or call +1-888-670-6702.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How Written Body Language Works

Handwriting analysis works the same way as any other body language. We at Written Inc refer to an individual’s handwriting as their Written Body Language preserved in ink. Everyone learns to read body language at a very early age, so as we get older and wiser we are able to determine if we are in a dangerous situation by observing posture, voice tone and volume, eyes and facial expressions.

Body language takes on many expressions and for the most part we are all trained to read and react to them. Handwriting is just another form of body language and since we are not trained to read it, it normally goes undetected.

Written Inc knows how to read and interpret handwriting and we can tell if a person is going to be aggressive, angry, indifferent or enthusiastic. But we can even go beyond the observable body language, beyond the facial expressions and the power stance. We can find things that cannot be found any other way; for example, moody, disorganized, deceit, aggressiveness and many more. In an interview a candidate will always present their best side making it almost impossible to discover their darker side.

Some human resource literature suggests that hiring decisions based solely on an interview or several interviews only slightly increases the odds of getting a good employee. Until now the tools to help make a confident hiring decision have not been available.

Armed with a Candidate Insight Report, an interviewer can be confident that they are addressing the candidate’s most important character traits both good and bad. Many of our clients use the Candidate Insight Report as a screening tool or part of their interview planning process.

Our Candidate Insight Report is the result of many years of development and research. Although our techniques are proprietary; I can say that through a combination of several trained analysts and a state of the art computer network we are capable of producing hundreds of very accurate Candidate Insight Reports every day.

We did not invent handwriting analysis, but what we did was make the interpretation of the writer’s written body language into a language we can all understand.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Raise Your Hands

“Raise your hand if your organization currently employs people that are moody, inflexible or argumentative?”

This is the question that I posed to a group of business owners at a recent speaking engagement. Without exception, they all raised their hands.

Then I ask them:

“Okay, now raise your hand if you think those people possessed those negative personality traits prior to being hired?”

Everyone raised their hands again.


“Well, I tell them, it’s because of two simple reasons:

First, everyone hides their negative traits during the interview process. You’re trying to win the job, right?

And second, the system that you have in place to keep people with personality issues out of your organization is either not working or nonexistent.”

The Impact to Your Company

It’s vital that you look for ways improve your organization’s ability to identifying problem personality traits in candidates. Researchers estimate that the hard dollar costs for a bad hire to be 150% of the employee's annual compensation.

That doesn’t even include the soft dollar costs which can be much more costly:

Turn Over Costs

  • If the bad apple stays, they may drive your best employees away.
  • If they leave, you’ll start the hiring process all over to replace them.

Lost productivity

  • Management’s time spent dealing with personality conflicts.
  • Distraction and lose of focus by other employees dealing with personality issues.
  • If the individual that was hired is unproductive, others have to pick up the slack.
  • When the team morale is low so is productivity.

Lost revenue

  • Clients, prospects, and vendors look at your employees as a reflection of your company. They can drive them away forever.
  • Making a bad choice with a salesperson position costs your organization revenue and market share.

Increased Risk and Liability

  • Employees with personality issues increase your risk of:
  • Lawsuits
  • Embezzlement
  • Workplace Violence

The good news is there’s now a way to reveal true personalities prior to hiring. That way is by analyzing the candidate handwriting using Candidate Insight from Written Inc.

Our break-through personality test and report will identify the good and bad personality traits of your job applicants.

It’s legal, easy to implement and will save your company a lot of money.

To learn more about Candidate Insight Reports, visit our website at:
or give us a call (888) 670-6702.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Watch this Video

The San Diego North County Times online Newspaper featured a segment on Written Inc and the Candidate Insight Report
From the article- The Write Stuff:

"Using sophisticated handwriting analysis software developed by his parents, Richard and Shari Vener, Written, Inc. Vice President Ryan Vener helps companies screen out 'bad apples.' Vener says handwriting analysis is an accurate way of pinpointing personality traits of prospective employees. "

Video by Brad Jones - Edited by Morgan Loosli
To watch this 3 minute video featuring our product, Candidate Insight, click on the link below:

Thanks to the North County Times ( ) and The Canifornian Newspapers.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Press Release - Virginia Tech Mass Murderer, Seung-Hui Cho's Handwriting

Press Release

Temecula, CA – April 20 (Newswire) - Southern California based company, Written Inc., says it used handwriting analysis to prevent a similar situation to the Virginia Tech massacre from occurring 7 years ago at a major university in Europe.

In the summer of 2000, a former student of the university was hired by the financial aide department soon after graduation. It wasn’t long after he began, that the staff realized something was very wrong with this individual. Several times he flew into violent rages for no apparent reason. Because he was a martial arts black belt, everyone in the office was extremely frightened of him. When the university finally fired him, he threatened to “cut the eyes out” of his direct supervisor.

Written Inc. was asked by the university to analyze his handwriting to assess if his threats should be taken seriously. “We advised the faculty immediately that our analysis of his handwriting revealed he was likely to act on his violent thoughts and that he should definitely be taken seriously.” said Ryan Vener, vice president of Written Inc.

Based on his Candidate Insight Report, the university posted a guard in the lobby and banned him from entering university grounds. Three weeks after being fired, he came back on campus with a knife. University police were prepared and apprehended him before he could hurt anyone. He was taken into custody.

Last week, Written Inc. obtained a sample of the suspected Virginia Tech Mass Murderer’s handwriting. The alleged killer, Seung-Hui Cho, handwrote the Express Mail package he sent to NBC News. Written Inc. was able to analyze the Seung-Hui Cho’s handwriting from the writing on the package.

“The Candidate Insight Reports for the European university student and Seung-Hui Cho turned out to be very similar”, said Mr. Vener. “They both share 6 negative personality traits, include the exact same emotional perspective! We’ve never seen two individuals match so closely.”

The personality statements below were the same in both men’s Candidate Insight Reports:

Emotional Perspective: Emotionally erratic; you never know what to expect.

  • Physically aggressive, confrontational.
  • May be brutal and sadistic.
  • Angry, defensive, blames others and rarely thinks it's their fault.
  • Sarcastic and temperamental.
  • Intense angry feelings, unlikely to take responsibility for the hostility they feel.

“After seeing the similarities between these two men, I’m confident that Candidate Insight helped to avoid a very bad situation.” Vener added.

Companies and universities in Europe have been using handwriting analysis routinely for many years including those located in France, England and Spain. In the last 5 years, the number of US companies using handwriting analysis for hiring has increased dramatically.

Founded in 1998, Written Inc. provides corporate clients with pre-employment personality testing and reporting. Its biometric advances within the field of handwriting analysis have led to the development of the Candidate Insight Report. Written Inc.’s handwriting experts analyze handwriting samples using a sophisticated software program the company developed.

“The accuracy and insight of our reports is what sets us apart from all other personality tests.” said Mr. Vener. “Our clients have come to rely on us to reveal the personality traits that people try to conceal. We help them keep the bad apples out of their organizations.”

To view the full Candidate Insight Reports for both of these men, go to

For more information about Written Inc., Candidate Insight and how to keep the “bad apples” out of your organization, go to

Press Contact:

Ryan Vener

Vice President - Written Inc.

(951) 240-0209